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Where Vision Meets Excellence.

INW combines decades of groundbreaking biomedical research experience with a legacy of world-class production. Our unparalleled product development, marketing and sales solutions, and IP management are designed to drive your bottom line.

Our Mission

To provide Nutrition & Wellness products with the utmost quality, innovation, and customer care.

Our Vision

To become the most inspirational and influential leader in the global Nutrition & Wellness industry.

A Legacy of Innovation

INW was built from the ground up to deliver the diverse and integrated solutions that the modern nutrition and wellness industry demands. Our product capabilities and geographic scope are precisely blended to maximize economies of scale, lower costs, offer redundancy, and deliver transformative results for our partners.


INW accquires United 1 Laboratories, a leading manufacturer of liquid and powder dietary supplements, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, personal care, animal care, and household products.


INW strengthens its position in powder and solid-dose manufacturing with the purchase of ProTec Laboratories, significantly increasing scale and capacity while solidifying the company’s roots in East Texas.


INW strengthens its powder capacity even further by adding Benicia, California’s ProForm Laboratories, broadening our customer base while establishing a significant West Coast presence.


INW adds Phoenix Formulations, a full-range provider of sports nutrition and dietary supplement products including powders, capsules, and tablets, while extending our reach from East Texas to the San Francisco Bay.

Meet Our People

From the laboratory to the loading dock, INW is building the most experienced, most dedicated, most service-oriented team our industry has ever seen.

Get to know us.

Gary Giles

Chief Executive Officer

Gil Arvizu

Chief Commercial Officer

Melissa Carter

Chief Financial Officer

Caryn David

Vice President of Supply Chain

Gary Harris

Chief Technology Officer

James Mitchell

Executive VP of Sales

Jeff Mitchell

Chief Integration Officer

Matt Snead

Director of Business Development
ProForm Laboratories

Alex Gillespie

Division President & Founder
United 1 Laboratories

George Mitchell

Division President & Founder
Phoenix Formulations

Kirk Neal

Division President & Founder
Phoenix Formulations

Jeff Neal

Chief Operating Officer
ProTec Laboratories

Sail Ricks

Division President & Founder
ProTec Laboratories

Sarah Ricks

Executive VP of Sales

A Letter from Our CEO

Global nutritional supplements is now a $275 billion market, growing nearly twice as fast as global economic growth. To be successful, our customers have to innovate and to execute at a pace and scale no one’s ever attempted before. Bringing those ideas to life demands a precise understanding of science, customer behavior, regulatory requirements, ingredient function, production, supply chain and beyond. That’s where INW shines. Our expertise and experience provide you the insight you need to constantly adapt, improve, and develop. Put those elements together with our experience in thought leadership and breakthrough science and you are poised for success by developing the world’s finest nutrition and wellness products.

I wake up every morning answering the same questions: “Why should people choose INW? What is the value we provide?” I believe the answer is service. our team has one focus: delivering quality products that help people. We’ve put together the scale, strength, and expertise to develop game-changing nutrition and wellness products, on-time and on-budget. We like to say we aim to be the world’s best solutions partner that serves the nutrition and wellness industries.

We can’t wait to see what’s next. And to help you build a better, healthier world.


Gary Giles, Chief Executive Officer